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The Importance of the FCA Bible

The Importance of the FCA Bible

Check out what intern Trevor Skoglund has to say about the importance of his FCA Bible...

          "I began walking with the Lord about 3 years ago, a decision I didn’t see myself making anytime soon. As I began to walk with God, there were many struggles that weighed on me as I tried to figure myself out. Before truthfully committing my life to Christ, I struggled with the idea that I wasn’t qualified to be a servant of the Lord. I didn’t meet the standards of a Christian and largely felt I never would.

"I struggled with the idea that I wasn't qualified to be a servant of the Lord."

          My Senior year of High School as the kicker on the football team I frequently interacted with the Defensive Coordinator. This particular coach took a liking to me that I didn’t really understand. While also being my coach just happened to be a Character Coach at my high school for the FCA huddle. He tried and tried again to get me to come out to the huddle, but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t shake the idea that I didn’t belong.

          In the final week of our season, I found myself walking alone from the locker room to my car. Coach caught up to me and we briefly talked about my plans after the school year. As I was turning away to get into my car he pulled a package out of his bag and handed it to me. The package turned out to be a small brown leather book: The FCA Competitor's Bible. As he was handing over the Bible to me, he explained that while I never made it to an FCA Huddle, he felt I was in need of one of these Bibles. As I sat in my car holding this gift, I didn’t really see the importance of what had just been handed to me. I knew what the Bible was, I knew there was a God, I just didn’t see how it was important to me. 

          As I look back at my walk with Christ, I’ve come to realize the masterful power that God has to plant seeds in our lives. As I entered college at Salisbury University, my Bible was largely a dust collector in some dresser drawer in my dorm room. During my sophomore year, I had a teammate and fellow special-teamer offer to go to FCA with me. A question I normally answered “no” to. For some reason, something told me to go check it out. That night, sitting in my dorm room minutes before the huddle was meant to start, I was writing a text to my teammate explaining that I had to finish and assignment and wasn’t going to make it. As I was about to send the text, I remembered the Competitor's Bible tucked away in my drawer. I pulled it out and sat down on my bed flipping through the crisp pages, unused over the past two years.

          I went to FCA that night because I felt this Bible gave me a sense of belonging. To me this Bible was a ticket into the world of FCA. What I didn’t realize was that this was my ticket to God. Sure, I had never read the Bible, never paid attention in High School theology, lived a life covered in sin and hadn’t so much as made it past the cover of the Bible, but I had the Bible. 

          Not just any Bible, I had the FCA Competitor's Bible. So that night, Bible in hand, I walked in to Huddle and was immediately intimidated by how much people knew about this book. It scared me so much that I didn’t want to go back; for a couple of weeks, I didn’t. The thing that really kept me going back was knowing I, who had done nothing to deserve this Bible, was capable of not only owning one, but this God the entire book was about loved me. He loved me for me regardless of who I was that first night I walked in. God used this gifted FCA Bible as a planted seed that took me two years to even see the usefulness of. Furthermore, He used it as the way to access my heart and bring me home to Him.

"God used this gifted FCA Bible as a planted seed... He used it as the way to access my heart and bring me home to Him."

          As an Intern in the MD State Office, I walk past bookshelves full of FCA camp Bibles from past years. My experience with my gifted Bible has given me a new view on these Bibles; they are more than just physical books. They are more than just holders of God’s word. Each Bible given to campers, staff, interns, donors, even coaches is a ticket to experience the love that our God desires to give us."

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