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2018 Maryland FCA Magazine
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Benjamin Watson’s purpose from his platform as an NFL tight end goes beyond his on-field performance.

This has become a frequent rhythm on social media: Flippantly construct a post with a dash of cynicism or sarcasm (or, if you’re clever enough, both). Swiftly launch it into cyberspace. Anxiously keep hitting refresh to see how many friends, family, acquaintances and friends of friends will deliver affirmation through their thumbs.

...Watson, an NFL tight end for more than a decade, didn’t shy from the anger, frustration, sadness, fear and confusion he and many other Americans were feeling about what was seen as a distortion of justice. But he didn’t end there.

Instead, he signed off by sharing that the only way to truly process Ferguson — or anything like it — was through the prism of the gospel.

“There’s a hunger for an answer outside of the usual pundits that strikes a chord in the human heart,” Watson said, reflecting on the post. “Eternity is in our hearts, and we know this is a problem that is different. People understand there’s not a lot we can do to change the human heart … That takes a divine transformation.”

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