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FCA Staff

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Maryland FCA Staff

Shaun Smithson- State Director

Audrey Liberati- Summer Intern

Baltimore City FCA

Sirena Alford Community Outreach Rep

Carroll County FCA

Brandon Johnson- Area Director

Chris Sturdivant- Area Rep

Britton Hastings- Prospective Staff

Central MD FCA

Mike McMahon- Central MD Director

Anne Arundel  

Brian Szydlik- Area Rep  

Naval Academy

Kirby Myers- USNA Campus Director

Brian Fish- USNA Campus Rep

Howard County FCA

Jason Scott- Prospective Staff

Eastern Shore FCA

Kevin Colliton- Area Rep

Frederick County FCA

Randy Cole- Area Director

Denise Ginsburg- Women's Ministry Director

Frankie Hourigan- Area Rep

Montgomery County FCA

Nate Timm- Area Director

Hannah Kao- Area Rep

Taylor Rollo- Area Rep

Sarah Lokos- Area Rep

Jason Mabe- Area Rep for FCA Endurance

FCA Lacrosse

Ryan Horanburg- Executive Director

Drew Wardlow- Men's Area Director

Kallie Muck- Women's Ministry Director

Matt Emerson- Men's Area Rep

Lauren Iacoboni- Women's Ministry Area Rep

Northern Maryland FCA

Steve Medinger- Northern Maryland Director

Brian Hamson- Cecil and Kent County Director

Heidi Conley- Western Baltimore County Area Rep

Tim Hines- Team Ministry Director

Dawn Deckman- Cecil County Area Rep

Prince George's County FCA

Dione Bowlding- Area Rep


Patricia Hollowell- UMD Campus Rep

Kyle Kilgore- Prospective Staff

Southern MD FCA

Randy Dick- Interim Director

Western Maryland and Eastern Panhandle WV FCA

Scott MyersArea Director

Corinne BaronnerWashington County Area Rep

Joshua Kelly- Eastern W. VA Panhandle Area Rep

Shane Skipper- G.A.M.E. Rep